Gallery in Ajaccio

Palais Fesch – Musée des Beaux-Arts

One of the island’s must-sees, this superb museum established by Napoléon’s uncle has France’s largest collection of Italian paintings outside the Louvre. Mostly the works of minor or anonymous 14th- to 19th-century…
Beach in Ajaccio

Plage de Porticcio

Beach bums will prefer the sands of Porticcio to the busier city beaches. It’s 17km across the bay from Ajaccio and accessible four to nine times daily by a 20-minute ferry.
Museum in Ajaccio

Maison Bonaparte

Napoléon spent his first nine years in this house. Ransacked by Corsican nationalists in 1793, requisitioned by English troops from 1794 to 1796, and eventually rebuilt by Napoléon’s mother, the house became a place…
Chapel in Ajaccio

Chapelle Impériale

Several members of the imperial family lie entombed in the crypt of this chapel, just across the courtyard from the Palais Fesch. Constructed in 1860, it recently reopened after extensive renovations. Visitors can s…
Museum in Ajaccio

Salon Napoléonien

Fans of Napoléon will make a beeline for this tiny museum on the 1st floor of the Hôtel de Ville. It exhibits Napoléonic medals, busts and portraits, Napoléon's death mask and a fabulously frescoed ceiling of the ge…
Cathedral in Ajaccio

Cathédrale Ste-Marie

The 16th-century cathedral contains Napoléon’s baptismal font and the Vierge au Sacré-Cœur (Virgin of the Sacred Heart) by Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863).
Fortress in Ajaccio


The 15th-century citadel, an imposing military fortress overlooking the sea, was a prison during WWII. It still belongs to the army but has been vacant for years and is off limits to the general public.