Music in Naantali

Naantali Music Festival

This two-week event featuring first-rate classical music has been held for over 30 years. Events in the Convent Church are a real highlight and performers come from around the globe.
Sailing in Hanko

Hanko Regatta

More than 200 boats compete in the Hanko Regatta. The event attracts thousands of spectators and has a high-spirited carnival atmosphere.
Cultural in Naantali

National Sleepyhead Day

According to tradition, the last family member asleep on 27 July gets awoken with a dousing of water. The city of Naantali takes it a step further by electing a celebrity ‘Sleepyhead of the Year’, who gets tossed in…
Theatre in Hanko

Hanko Theatre Days

Finland’s biggest festival of Swedish-language theatre.