West of Helsinki attractions

National Park in Raseborg

Ekenäs Archipelago National Park

Almost 90% of the 5200-hectare Ekenäs Archipelago National Park is water, so to explore the 1300 islands you’ll need to take a tour from Ekenäs harbour, such as an archipelago cruise with Saariston Laivaristeilyt or…
Island in Kimito Island & Archipelago National Park

Örö Fortress

Örö was long a military island, first containing a defensive fortress built under Russian rule and later serving as training grounds for the Finnish military. The island's barracks, heavy artillery battery (complete…
Lighthouse in Kimito Island & Archipelago National Park

Bengtskär Lighthouse

Towering 52m above the waves 25km offshore from Hanko, the Nordic countries' tallest lighthouse was built in 1906 to protect ships from the perilous archipelago waters. It was damaged extensively during the Continua…
Castle in Raseborg

Raseborg Castle Ruins

Looming on a high rock overlooking a grassy sward, the late-14th-century Raseborg Castle was strategically crucial in the 15th century, when it protected the trading town of Tuna and exiled king of Sweden Karl Knuts…
Amusement Park in Naantali


Crossing the bridge from the Old Town to Kailo island takes you into the delightful world of the Moomins. The focus is on hands-on activities and exploration, not rides. Kids love the costumed characters wandering t…
Harbour in Hanko


This narrow strait between Tullisaari and Kobben is a protected natural harbour where ships from countries around the Baltic Sea once waited out storms. The sailors killed time by carving their initials or tales of …
Museum in Hanko

Rintama Museo

Original trenches, bunkers and artillery guns remain at the site of some of the worst Winter War fighting, 19km northeast of Hanko. Also here is a poignant indoor museum with interesting exhibits and knowledgeable g…
Museum in Kimito Island & Archipelago National Park

Rosala Viking Centre

Rosala isn't just a museum but a Viking village, complete with homestead, chapel and moored Viking ship. An introductory video provides an informative overview of Viking history in the region, and then you're free t…
Tower in Hanko

Water Tower

Zip up the lift to the top of the 50m-high water tower on Vartiovuori Hill for sweeping views across town and out to sea.
Historic Site in Naantali


The Finnish president’s summer residence is an elaborate stone castle on Luonnonmaa island, its tower visible from Naantali harbour. Designed by Lars Sonck, it was built in 1916 and is surrounded by beautiful, exten…