Clothing in Turku


Folks of all ages (and genders) can get outfitted at Kaisla. The signature item is the snuggly under-duds – perfect for cold Nordic nights. But shoppers will also find Finnish-designed sweaters and trousers that exu…
Fashion & Accessories in Turku

Klo Design

Stylish and sweet, Klo does super-comfy clothing and accessories for women, especially dresses, tops and handbags, all with its signature bright colours and bold patterns.
Toys in Turku


Over a century old, Casagrande is run by a family that loves to play. There are lots of old-fashioned wooden and plush toys, in addition to other childhood favourites.
Children's Clothing in Turku

Kui Design

Totally cute kids' clothes, plus bags, prints, postcards and other stuff with a Turku theme.
Mall in Turku


Locally known as Hansakortteli (Hansa Block), Turku's oldest and largest shopping centre is next to the kauppatori.