Jazz in Turku


Intimate venue for live jazz, funk and Latin.
Live Music in Turku


A great variety of Finnish bands play at this hot live-music venue. Also on site is the congenial Toby & Fellas, a convivial karaoke establishment.
Concert Venue in Turku

Concert Hall

This music hall is the home of the illustrious Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. It's been playing since 1790, when the Musical Society of Turku was founded.
Live Music in Turku


There's something for everyone at this nightlife complex, including live music, danceable grooves and karaoke.
Live Music in Turku


Local DJs vie with national bands for a spot on the bill at this central venue. Great outdoor terrace.
Theatre in Turku

Åbo Svenska Teater

Founded in 1839, Finland’s oldest theatre hosts performances in Swedish.