Turku Archipelago restaurants

Top Choice Fusion in Korpo

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Inside the exquisite restaurant at the Hotel Nestor, the dining room is a veritable gallery of old and new, creating an atmosphere that feels at once rustic and charming, as well as contemporary and cool. Chef Willi…
Scandinavian in Nagu


With a quaint restaurant-cafe downstairs and four sweet guestrooms upstairs, this mustard-yellow clapboard house is delightful in every way. The restaurant highlights local ingredients, and offers wine and beer pair…
International in Nagu


The name might be French, but this renowned guest-harbour restaurant incorporates influences from further afield: sugar-salted salmon and potato-cucumber salad; crayfish soup with cayenne foam and puff pastry; slow-…
Finnish in Kustavi


At the southern tip of the island, Pzéns (formerly Peterzéns) is the centre of the action, with guest harbour, hotel, restaurant and shop. In summer the restaurant bustles with a bountiful buffet, indoor art exhibit…
Cafe in Pargas


Situated 10km southwest of Pargas along the road to Nagu, Sattmark is a charming 18th-century red wooden sailor’s cottage with a cafe and a rustic handicrafts shop, plus nature trails criss-crossing the surrounding …
Steak in Korpo

Buffalo Ravintola

You guessed it: Buffalo specialises in steaks, but there are also salads, burgers and fish dishes. Its waterside terrace is a prime spot for lingering with a cold beer, and the bar kicks on after the kitchen closes.
Pizza in Pargas


This is the liveliest eatery in town, with a stylish dining room, a sunny terrace and a full menu of pizza, fish and other favourites. Good selection of beer and cider.
International in Korpo


This local linchpin serves up a few island specialties, such as Houtskär whitefish and Wattkast meatballs from local beef, as well as salmon soup and archipelago toast (traditional dense rye bread topped with shrimp…
Pizza in Nagu


Moored at the guest harbour, the stubby steamboat Najaden is now a 'sail-in' pizzeria (though walk-ins are also welcome). What's better than munching crispy-crust pizza and sipping cold beer on the deck of an old st…
Cafe in Nagu

Strand Cafe

A convenient go-to for coffee, lunch or bike hire (€7.50/18 per half-day/day).