Community Sailing Week in Finland

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Tour description

Join sailing trips organized by passionate skippers. We are a group of dedicated skippers who love to build a sailing community and whose work is to organize several sailing trips a year. We treat participants of our trips as friends, not clients. This trip takes us to northern latitudes in Finland.  A peaceful place with truly beautiful forested scenery. We will plot our course through a maze of islands, on long summer days. We experience public saunas, and eating like a Viking! The weather should be pleasantly warm.You will be joined by interesting people from all over the world who are fun to spend time. A bit of a backpacker spirit is good to have. The age group is 25-45 but it is really the mental age that counts!If you feel like meeting new people, learning new skills and enjoying true experiences, come join us exploring!No previous sailing experience is necessary to join!

We include you into planning each day’s itinerary. We are true to a real sailing spirit and plan together with the wind, weather and you! Therefore, please just treat the below itinerary as a general idea. We will customize it to meet your crew wishes and the current weather. Only the mad ones sail against the wind!Day 1 - KAZNÄS: It’s our starting point where we meet and embark on our adventure!Day 2 – RYSKÄR: Raw and untouched nature surrounds us. The trees as well as mossy flat granite stones on the shore create a unique background for our evening get together.Day 3 – BODÖ: In Bodö bay we moor at a little wooden pier belonging to a family. It feels like a cosy refuge for yachties where sauna, socializing and good food are the main to-do for everyone. Fresh breakfast rolls can be delivered and a floating sauna is available for use!Day 4 – KROKSÄR: Sailing from Bodö we drop anchor for swimming at Färo beach. It is a beautiful forested bay shaped like a crescent moon. We sail further to the settlement of Notö to replenish our stock and continue further in search of a remote bay to spend the night. It is a night spent cut off from any civilization.Day 5 – BRÄNNSKÄR: Two families who settled here are creating a paradise on earth. There is a tiny port for the sailboats, a little café with homemade bread, and a local theatre group that organizes occasional performances. A boat builder and archery round the choice of things to do and places to explore. 2.5km of forest walking path connects all the main points.Day 6 – HAMNHOLMEN: We sail past by Helsingsholmen where we get a supply of smoked fish and continue to one of the remote bays nearby.  As it will most likely be the last remote anchorage of the week we should play some music and sing the evening through!Day 7 - CHIEFTAINS HALL: We shall feast like the Vikings! In a reconstructed viking hall we sit on furs, enjoy a crackling fire, eat, drink and spend the last evening with our newly made friends. Like a viking tribe, we sailed together, ate together, and shared an adventure together.Day 8 – KAZNÄS: is the day to say goodbye. All the miles sailed, skills gained and time shared with others will make you bond and build relationships. Cherish these, keep in touch and remember that our family is there. See you another time!   

What's included

  • A comfy bed on a fully equipped 12-16m sailing yacht, tender, end cleaning, tourist taxes, bed linen, towels, etc… If you join solo you share a same-sex cabin.
  • Pro Skipper who is in charge of sailing. S/he is a part of your crew, facilitates the trip and shows you the best secret spots. Skippers are fun, sailed the 7 seas and are socially capable professionals.
  • Travel insurance is always included. Our partner Axa is providing it. It covers:
  • TPL: 50.000

What's not included

  • Please allow 140€ to cover exclusions which will go for:
  • Food and drinks on board (we have fridge and stove on board) and in the restaurants
  • Fuel for the yacht