Sund attractions

Top Choice Ruins in Sund

Bomarsund Fästningsruin

Following the war of 1808–09, Russia began building this major military structure as its westernmost defence against the Swedes. The fortress was still incomplete when the Crimean War began in 1854, and a French-Bri…
Top Choice Castle in Sund

Kastelholms Slott

One of Åland’s premier sights is this striking 14th-century castle on a picturesque inlet (signposted off Rd 2). The keep towers are 15m high in parts, with walls of 3m-thick red granite; it’s easy to see how it wou…
Museum in Sund

Jan Karlsgårdens Friluftsmuseum

At this sprawling open-air museum next to Kastelholms Slott, you can stroll around 20 traditional 18th- and 19th-century Ålandic buildings, including windmills and a smoke sauna. The museum shop's guidebook is usefu…
Museum in Sund

Fängelsemuseet Vita Björn

This building was a jail until 1975 and demonstrates how cells and conditions evolved over the two centuries it was in use. Although it looks like a cottage, the walls and floor are of thick stone, so there was no t…
Church in Sund

Sankt Johannes Kyrka

North of Kastelholm is Åland's biggest church, dedicated to John the Baptist. The structure dates from the 13th century, and inside are some original murals, as well as an enormous wooden crucifix made from local bi…
Museum in Sund

Bomarsund Museum

The small Bomarsund museum has information on and displays bits and pieces excavated from the site of the ruined Russian fortress Bomarsund.