Tourist Train in Imatra

Street Train

In summer, this little tourist train (on wheels) is a handy way to get around Imatra's diffused areas. It links Imatrankoski with Mansikkala and the leisure area three times daily; a one-way trip from Imatrankoski t…
Tourist Train in Lappeenranta

Street Train

In summer you can rest your feet aboard the street train (on wheels), which links the market square, IsoKristiina shopping centre, Linnoitus, Hiekkalinna and Myllysaari beach.
Train Station in South Karelia

Vainikkala Train Station

International trains to/from Russia use Vainikkala train station, 29.5km south of Lappeenranta.
Bicycle Hire in Lappeenranta


The best way to explore this large town is to hire a bike from Pyörä-Expert.
Airport in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta Airport

Lappeenranta airport is 2.5km west of the city centre.
Taxi in Imatra


Bus Station in Imatra

Bus Station

Train Station in Imatra

Train Station

Bus Station in Lappeenranta

Bus Station

Train Station in Lappeenranta

Train Station