Must-see attractions in Turku & Finland's South Coast

  • Lohjan Museo

    Lohja Museum re-creates a schoolhouse and a cowherd’s cottage from centuries past. The collection includes an impressive range of horse-drawn carriages,…

  • Houtskär Skärgårdsmuseum

    Clustered near the Näsby church, this modest museum consists of 10 traditional island-red wood buildings, including a windmill, a restored dairy shed and…

  • Ett Hem Museum

    Designed by CL Engel, this gold-coloured turn-of-the-20th-century residence houses art and furniture that was donated by art collectors Alfred and Hélène…

  • Loviisa Town Museum

    About 200m north of the town square, Loviisa Town Museum is set in an old manor house with three floors of interesting historical exhibits, particularly…

  • Wäinö Aaltosen Museum

    Naturalistic and cubist-tinged sculptures donated by artist Wäinö Aaltosen are on display in this gallery, along with temporary exhibitions of…

  • Turku Biological Museum

    In a beautiful 1907 building surrounded by parkland, the Turku Biological Museum shows off Finland’s fauna and flora in 13 realistic dioramas, including…

  • Kaupunginmuseo

    Learn about Hamina's history at the town museum, housed in Hamina’s oldest building. King Gustav III of Sweden and Catherine II (the Great) of Russia held…

  • Porvoon Nukke- ja Lelumuseo

    Houses over a thousand dolls, tin toys and other childhood curiosities, making it Finland’s largest toy museum.

  • Iniö kyrka

    Iniö's sweet stone church was named after the newborn princess Sofia Wilhelmina when it was consecrated in 1801.

  • Hangon kirkko

    Originally built in 1892, this neo-Gothic church was damaged in WWII but has been thoroughly renovated.

  • Loviisan kirkko

    Dominating the market square is the red-brick neo-Gothic Loviisa Church, built in 1865.

  • Hamina Church

    Neoclassical Hamina Church, designed by CL Engel, was built in 1843.

  • Monument of Liberty

    Where Bulevardi meets the beach is the Monument of Liberty, commemorating the landing of liberating German forces in 1918. The monument was taken down…