International in Rovaniemi


With its exposed brick walls, communal tables and blackboard-chalked menus, this post-industrial-style bistro is Rovaniemi's hippest eatery. Street food – such as sandwiches on homemade bread (beef brisket and horse…
Finnish in Rovaniemi


A timber-lined interior with framed black-and-white photos of Lapland, kerosene lamps, traditional fishing nets, taxidermied bear and reindeer heads, and antler chandeliers give this hunting-lodge-style spot a cosy,…
Cafe in Rovaniemi

Cafe & Bar 21

It's a surprise to find this artfully modern designer place here: a reindeer pelt collage on the grey concrete wall is the only concession to place. Modish black and white makes a stylish haunt for creative cocktail…
Finnish in Rovaniemi


The upstairs restaurant of the Hotel Santa Claus has a double identity. The Gaissa menu has petite, reindeer-heavy dishes aimed at visitors: there are some great creations. The ZoomUp bar menu has a lunch buffet and…
Finnish in Rovaniemi

Monte Rosa

Attached to the City Hotel, this goes for the romance vote with a low candlelit interior and chummy booth seating. Good-sized portions of Finnish and Lapland fare are very tasty; there's plenty of reindeer and local…
Finnish in Rovaniemi


A couple of blocks from the town centre in untouristed territory, this simple lunch place is a real find, and offers a buffet of home-cooked Finnish food, including daily changing hot dishes, soup and salad. Authent…
Cafe in Rovaniemi

Arktikum Cafe

The café in the Arktikum does a good-value soup-and-salad lunch plus a daily hot dish. It closes Mondays when the museum does.