Top Choice Desserts in Porvoo

Cafe Postres

Tantalise your sweet tooth at this delightful dessert cafe, brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Samuli Wirgentius. Take your pick from rich, creamy gelato and to-die-for desserts, or sample the savoury open-face smø…
Cafe in Porvoo

Helmi Tea & Coffee House

A kindly Russian grandmother would happily sip tea from the distinctive lilac-and-white cups in the courtyard of this Tsarist teahouse. It's famous for its Runeberg torte (almond-rum cake, topped with raspberry jam)…
Steak in Porvoo

Meat District

When you go to a place called 'Meat District', you probably expect high-quality, organic, grass-fed beef – and that's what you'll get here (the house speciality is the dry-aged beef for two; €84). What you might not…
Finnish in Porvoo

Wanha Laamanni

This rambling 18th-century log building has housed the renowned Wanha Laamanni for more than 30 years. The restaurant offers a classy menu of Finnish favourites and a six-course surprise menu. The setting is invitin…
Seafood in Porvoo


A delightful setting, delicious food and laid-back service (ahem) characterise this Old Town newcomer. Set in one of the iconic red wooden warehouses along the river, the restaurant has a tempting lunchtime fish buf…
European in Porvoo

zum Beispiel

Here's something different in the heart of old Porvoo: a spacious, light-filled cafe serving up modern international fare such as burgers, salads and all-day breakfast.