The 55km trek/ski from Hetta to Pallastunturi (or vice versa) is a Lapland classic and offers some of the best views in the country from the top of the fells. While there’s plenty of up and down, it’s not a difficult route, though long stretches of it are quite exposed to wind and rain – pack weatherproof gear. The route is well marked, and there are several wilderness huts along the way. The popularity of the trek means huts get pretty crowded at peak times. See www.nationalparks.fi for the route and wilderness huts.

The Hetta trailheads are separated from town by the lake. Various operators in town will run you across (around €10 to €15). Some can also drive your car to Pallastunturi while you are doing the trek (around €100). Contact the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre for operators.

From Pallastunturi you can extend your trek a further 72km to the park’s southernmost border, by the ski resorts at Ylläs.