Northern & Southern Archipelagos attractions

Historic Building in Kumlinge

Kumlinge Apotek

It's worth a small purchase to glimpse the fantastic interior of this old-fashioned pharmacy. Inside a red house, the apothecary cabinets are lined with colourful bottles and labelled drawers, while a curious multip…
Church in Föglö

Sankta Maria Magdalena Kyrka

The Sankta Maria Magdalena Kyrka was first built in the 14th century, but only the nave remains of this original building. Most of the structure was rebuilt in 1860, which explains the neo-Gothic detailing. The chur…
Church in Kumlinge

Sankta Anna Kyrka

Hidden away about 2km north of Kumlinge village, Sankta Anna Kyrka is an attractive, multicoloured fieldstone church. The interior contains incredible 500-year-old Franciscan-style paintings. The shrine to Mary on t…
Church in Kökar

Sankta Anne Kyrka

Sankta Anne Kyrka was built on top of a medieval Franciscan monastery on the island of Hamnö, just west of Kökar. The monks’ chapel and ruined walls make for a pensive evening stroll. Inside, look for the unusual vo…
Church in Brändö

Sankt Jakobs Kyrka

Brändö's landmark church is a whitewashed beauty that dates to 1898.
Museum in Föglö


Housed in a 19th-century warehouse, Degerby's little local museum contains the islanders’ personal collections of biros, bottle tops and biscuit cutters. Check out the old pilot house nearby.
Museum in Brändö

Archipelago Museum

An impressive collection of historic wooden sea craft of all sizes and functions, including rowing boats, fishing boats and one of the last remaining examples of a storbåt (launch).
Museum in Kökar

Kökar Hembygdsmuseum

In a former schoolhouse, Kökar Homestead Museum is a sweet little collection of local history in the village of Hellsö.