Sports in Inari

King's Cup

Held over the last weekend in March or the first weekend in April, this is the grand finale of Lapland’s reindeer-racing season. It's a great spectacle as the beasts race around the frozen lake, jockeys sliding like…
Cultural in Sevettijärvi

St Triphon

The Orthodox festival of St Triphon is celebrated by the Skolt Sámi on the last weekend of August. It starts in Nellim on the Friday, then moves to Sevettijärvi, with celebrations and dances on the Saturday evening …
Music in Saariselkä

Polar Night Jazz

Since 1982, this three-day jazz festival during the kaamos (polar night) has seen evening concerts and spontaneous jam sessions take place in venues throughout Saariselkä and Inari, often under the aurora borealis.
Cultural in Inari

Inari Viikot

Over two weeks in the second half of July, cultural events include traditional village parties and markets, concerts and dancing, along with hiking trips, water sports and kids' activities.
Film in Sodankylä

Midnight Sun Film Festival

Dubbed the ‘anti-Cannes’, this four-day festival sees the village’s population double, with round-the-clock screenings in three venues, often with high-profile directors in attendance.
Film in Inari


This indigenous-themed film festival (with many films in English) sees collaborations with groups from other nations.
Music in Inari

Ijahis Idja

Over a weekend, usually in August, this excellent music festival features groups from all spectra of Sámi music.