North Karelia drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Wine Bar in Ilomantsi

Hermanni Wine Tower

Blackcurrants, crowberries and white currants from the fields and bogs around Ilomantsi are blended by Hermanni Winery. At the top of the local 33m-high water tower, you can sample its local berry wines and liqueurs…
Top Choice Bar in Joensuu


Joensuu's best bar-club occupies its own island in the Pielisjoki, linked to the city centre by a bridge. DJs spin techno, trance and electronica on Friday and Saturday; live bands and stand-up comedy take place in …
Bar in Joensuu

Romeo 1914

Live music plays most nights aboard this former timber transporter built in 1914, now moored on the Pielisjoki. Wood-fired pizzas are cooked on the dockside terrace. Several other boat bars are located nearby.
Bar in Joensuu


Sunsets are spectacular from this bar perched on the Pyhäselkä lake's edge, with a resident peg-leg pirate statue and seating on the terrace and pier, as well as a sauna in a rustic red timber building.