Mariehamn restaurants

Top Choice Pizza in Mariehamn

Pub Niska

Star chef Michael 'Micke' Björklund of Smakbyn is the brains behind this plåtbröd (Åland-style pizza) restaurant in the maritime quarter. Toppings are diverse and delicious, including favourites such as cold-smoked …
Top Choice Finnish in Mariehamn


The building might be historic brick and timber, but the menu is contemporary, with expertly cooked dishes like grilled Åland beef with Béarnaise sauce and homemade fries. There's a buzzing summer courtyard and a be…
Finnish in Mariehamn


Taking its cue from its maritime-museum location, this spiffy marine-blue restaurant overlooking the western harbour and Pommern is decked out with a ship's wheel and has a splendid umbrella-shaded summer terrace. S…
Cafe in Mariehamn

Bagarstugan Cafe & Vin

This sweet cafe is set in a cosy house crowded with bookshelves, chandeliers and tile stoves. It's a charming backdrop for homemade soups, salads, quiches, pies and cakes (scattered with flower petals and far too pr…
Finnish in Mariehamn

Kvarter 5

This popular spot has received rave reviews for its sophisticated Nordic cuisine, featuring local ingredients and everything made from scratch. The location – inside the Hotell Pommern – detracts a bit from the atmo…
Finnish in Mariehamn

ÅSS Paviljongen

Listen to boat masts clinking in Åland's yacht-club marina while you dine on creatively prepared local fare: Åland cod with smoked shrimp and horseradish, Parmesan-baked fillet of perch with pickled zucchini and gno…
Brasserie in Mariehamn

Ångbåts Bryggan

In a prime harbourside location, this is a semi-swanky place with glass walls and marvellous sea views. The grill gets a workout, with starters and mains that include beef, seafood and even tempting veggie dishes. H…
International in Mariehamn

FP von Knorring

Now permanently moored, the grand old 1928 passenger steamship MS Jan-Nieveen retains gleaming brass fittings. Food is rather overpriced and unexciting, but the setting is atmospheric. From around late July, don't m…
Supermarket in Mariehamn


Åland’s biggest supermarket is 2km north of town on the road to Godby.