Mariehamn has an exciting dining scene that shows off the island's freshest ingredients and the talent of its most creative chefs. No other place in the archipelago rivals the capital in terms of variety and quality of eating options. Mariehamn also has the islands' biggest and best food store, so you may want to stock up here before heading to the outer islands.

Åland Specialities

With its abundance of seafood, produce and dairy products, not to mention the ingenuity of local chefs, Åland boasts special cuisine indeed. Don't miss the chance to sample a few specialities that you may not see anywhere else in Finland.

Ålandspannkaka They call it an Åland pancake, but it's not really a pancake at all. It's a spongy dessert made of semolina and subtly flavored with cardamom. Traditionally, it's topped with stewed prunes, though it's also good with jam.

Ålands svartbröd The ubiquitous local dark bread is a malt fruit loaf that takes four days to make. It's the perfect complement to sill (pickled herring) and light local cheeses.