Fortress in Loviisa

Svartholma Sea Fortress

Situated 10km offshore from Loviisa, this four-bastion fortress was built in 1748 to protect against further Russian invasion after Swedish losses in eastern Finland. It lasted until the Crimean War (1853–56), when …
Museum in Loviisa


Housed in a red salt warehouse on the seafront, the Maritime Museum has collections and exhibitions related to the town's seafaring history. The highlight is the saloon of the SS Virgo, as well as special changing e…
Museum in Loviisa

Loviisa Town Museum

About 200m north of the town square, Loviisa Town Museum is set in an old manor house with three floors of interesting historical exhibits, particularly the exhibition on Jean Sibelius, who spent his childhood summe…
Church in Loviisa

Loviisan kirkko

Dominating the market square is the red-brick neo-Gothic Loviisa Church, built in 1865.