Nature Centre in Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki Nature Centre

A small nature centre with displays on the river, maps, walking information, fishing permits and a powerful set of binoculars trained on a nearby fell. The entrance to Lemmenjoki National Park itself is 1.5km away.
Gallery in Lemmenjoki National Park


Male reindeer drop their heavy antlers in November: see beautiful jewellery and handicrafts that Kikka Laakso makes from them here on the Lemmenjoki road.
Gallery in Lemmenjoki National Park


Felt artworks and handicrafts of extraordinary quality in this artist’s studio a kilometre from Njurgulahti.
Historic Site in Lemmenjoki National Park


Accessed off the Inari–Kittilä road, 70km southwest of Inari, this reindeer round-up site was used by Sámi reindeer herders twice yearly until 1964. Round-ups were an important social event, lasting several weeks an…
Museum in Lemmenjoki National Park

Kaapin Jouni

This historic farm on the other side of the river from Njurgulahti was once the home of the ‘reindeer king’ Jouni Aikio. You can visit it by organising boat trips from places to stay such as Ahkun Tupa.