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Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Rovaniemi

Lauri Tuotteet

Established in 1924, this former knife factory in a charming log cabin at the northwestern edge of town still makes knives today, along with jewellery, buttons, felt boots and traditional Sámi items including engrav…
Arts & Crafts in Saariselkä

Kaunispään Huippu

Inside this timber-lined shop, beautifully displayed traditional arts and crafts include jewellery made from gold, silver and local gemstones (Lemmenjoki garnet, Luumäki beryl, Luosto amethyst), knives handmade from…
Fashion & Accessories in Rovaniemi


Reindeer and elk leather, lambskin, and red fox, mink and marten fur are used by Lapland designer Kati Juujärvi to create hats, gloves and mittens, belts and fur collars, as well as clothing for men, women and child…
Arts & Crafts in Rovaniemi


This former factory of Finland’s famous knife manufacturer Marttiini is now a shop open to visitors with a small knife exhibition, and cheaper prices than you can get elsewhere. It’s near the Arktikum; there are bra…
Jewellery in Inari

Inarin Hopea

You can watch gold- and silversmith Matti Qvick at work in his studio, which is filled with his traditional handmade jewellery (rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and more, at all price points) based on Sámi desig…
Design in Tornio


A charming buttercup-coloured wooden building houses this design shop. Most of the homewares (ceramics, cushions, light fittings, baskets, clocks, blankets and more), jewellery and women's fashion are by Finnish des…
Arts & Crafts in Inari

Sámi Duodji Ry

In the Sajos building, this is the main shop of the Finnish association of Sámi craftspeople. It has a good range of Sámi books and CDs, as well as beautifully crafted silverware and handmade clothing.
Jewellery in Lemmenjoki National Park


Male reindeer drop their heavy antlers in November: see beautiful jewellery and handicrafts that Kikka Laakso makes from them – and leather and bone – at this workshop on a reindeer farm on the Lemmenjoki road.
Arts & Crafts in Lemmenjoki National Park


Felt artworks and handicrafts are of extremely high quality at this artist’s studio 1km west of Njurgulahti. It's also possible to stay in cabins here.
Jewellery in Inari


Down a small lane behind the library is the studio of Petteri Laiti, a famous Sámi artisan. His silverwork and handicrafts are very highly regarded; you’ll often see the artist at work here.