Top Choice Cafe in Koli National Park


Right on the lake's shore at Koli harbour, this rust-red, double-storey timber building has two terraces overlooking the water (or, in winter, ice) and some of the best food for miles around: reindeer steaks with li…
Karelian in Nurmes

Bomban Talo

The mammoth wood cabin at Bomba Village contains the Sokos Bomba Hotel’s restaurant serving a Karelian buffet to the masses, with karjalanpiirakka (rice-filled savoury pastry) designed to mop up karjalanpaisti (stew…
Gastropub in Koli National Park

Kahvila Kolin Ryynänen

In Koli village, this creative hub serves as an exhibition space and has an artist-in-residence as well as a sauna. Grilled lake fish and reindeer steaks are on the menu alongside gourmet burgers and lasagne. Live m…
Cafe in Nurmijärvi District

Kahvila Annukka

Breads, pastries and cakes are baked daily on site at this seasonally opening cafe, which also serves sandwiches and other light dishes along with pastries and coffee at tables inside the beautiful timber building a…
Bakery in Lieksa

Lieksan Leipomo

In a beautiful wooden building, this endearing bakery is a local favourite for filling lunch buffets featuring a daily soup (such as smoked reindeer) and fantastic cakes.