Hill in Kuopio


Even small hills have cachet in flat Finland, and Kuopio was so proud of Puijo that it was crowned with a tower. Views from the top of Puijon Torni are very impressive; the vast perspectives of lakes and forests rep…
Museum in Kuopio

Kuopion Korttelimuseo

This block of 11 wooden townhouses dating from the 18th and 19th centuries includes several period-furnished homes representing family life between 1800 and 1930. Apteekkimuseo in building 11 contains old pharmacy p…
Museum in Kuopio

Kuopion Museo

In a castle-like art-nouveau mansion, this museum has a wide scope. The top two floors are devoted to cultural history, but the real highlight is the natural history display, which includes a wide variety of beautif…
Gallery in Kuopio

Kuopion Taidemuseo

Occupying an old bank building in the centre of town, this museum focuses on Finnish art created from the late 19th century to present times. Look out for paintings by local Juho Rissanen (1873–1950), whose realisti…
Tower in Kuopio

Puijon Torni

The views from the top of the 75m Puijon Torni are very impressive; the vast perspectives of lakes and forests represent a sort of idealised Finnish vista. Atop the structure is a revolving restaurant (lunch menu €2…
Museum in Kuopio

Suomen Ortodoksinen Kirkkomuseo

Over 800 religious icons and 4000 textiles, along with documents, maps, drawings and photographs depicting Orthodox history in Finland, are displayed across nine rooms at this excellent museum. Many items were broug…
Museum in Kuopio

VB Valokuvakeskus

This photographic centre is dedicated to Victor Barsokevitsch, one of the pioneers of Finnish photography. It is best known for temporary international summer exhibitions.
Church in Kuopio

Kuopion Tuomiokirkko

Kuopio's 19th-century cathedral is an unattractive stone structure located in the middle of town.