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From Kristinestad's centre, it's a 3km drive south to the tiny island of Högholmen where, beyond a picturesque patch of woodland, you'll find this fairy-tale eggshell-blue wooden summer pavilion with a terrace overl…
Museum in Kristinestad


Sjöfartsmuseum was originally built in 1837 as a merchant’s home to dominate the market square. Today it showcases Kristinestad’s maritime heritage, especially ship-building, with reconstructions of a captain’s cabi…
Church in Kristinestad

Ulrika Eleonora Kyrkan

Behind Kristinestad's Old Customs House is the charming red-wood Ulrika Eleonora Kyrkan, with a crooked shingled steeple. Built in 1700, it retains much of its original detail.
Church in Kristinestad

Nya Kirka

The red-brick New Church has a high wooden ceiling and an archetypal church-ship dedicated by mariners.
Historic Building in Kristinestad

Old Customs House

In the port's heyday, travellers entering Kristinestad had to pay customs duty, collected at the Old Customs House, a smallish rust-wood building dating from 1720, just along from the imposing town hall.