Hiking is the big draw here. For aerial access to remote hiking and fishing locations, take a float plane or helicopter flight. Summer lake cruises take you to within 3km of the point where Finland, Norway and Sweden converge, with a couple of hours to walk to the tri-border marker.


The Kilpisjärvi area offers fantastic long and short hikes. All trekking routes and wilderness huts around the area are clearly displayed on the 1:100,000 Halti Kilpisjärvi map. See also


The 50km hike to Halti Fell (1324m), the highest point in Finland, is a rewarding, reasonably well-marked trip. There are several wilderness cabins along the route with reservable sections. You can get close to the fell by road through Norway.

Kolmen Valtakunnan Raja

This route heads through Malla Nature Park to Kolmen Valtakunnan Raja, a concrete block in a lake that marks the treble border of Finland, Sweden and Norway. From the car park 2.5km north of the Kilpisjärven Retkeilykeskus hiking centre, it is 11km, with a climb through birch forest rewarded with an easy but spectacular route along the hillside, with great lake views below.

A summer boat service leaves from below the Kilpisjärven Retkeilykeskus three times daily, dropping you a 3km stroll from the border marker. This allows an easy visit, or walking one way and cruising the other.

Near the border marker is a free wilderness hut for overnighting.


From the Retkeilykeskus, the ascent to slate-capped Saana Fell (1029m) begins with a gentle climb through woodland ending abruptly in a thigh-straining 742 wooden steps up the steeper part. From the top, it’s an easier gradient up the angled slate cap to the highest point. When you come down, you can continue right around the base of the fell to make a long loop trail (10km plus the ascent/descent of 3km each way).


Lining the main road are several campgrounds with cabins. Many places are open only during the hiking season (around mid-June to September).


Fast-food eateries concentrate in the southern part of the village, which also has a small supermarket, but the best restaurants are in hotels and are usually open only during the hiking season.

Drinking & Nightlife

Several hotels have bars; the Hotelli Kilpis is a favourite with locals.