Top things to do

Finnish in Kajaani


Located above the rapids, this restaurant is set in a striking 1940s villa built as a residence for the local paper company. There are good daily lunch specials and a great terrace out the back.
Museum in Kajaani

Kainuun Museo

The town museum, near the train station, has a good permanent exhibition on Kajaani’s history, including info on the castle, tar boats and Elias Lönnrot. There are also regular temporary exhibitions.
Tex-Mex in Kajaani


In an alley off the main street, the painted windows here defy casual stickybeaking but conceal a pleasant interior. The food’s for meat-eating people with an appetite; big burgers and choose-your-weight steaks smot…
Castle in Kajaani

Kajaanin Linna

Picturesquely set on a river island in the town centre, these ruins show all the signs of damage by war, time and more-recent mischief. It’s a fine spot to bask on the grass on a sunny day, but there isn’t much more…