Church in Jakobstad

Pedersöre Kyrka

Dating from the 1400s, this is one of the region’s oldest churches. King Gustav III of Sweden personally signed off on the plans to expand the church into the cruciform, though builders ignored his instruction to de…
Old Town in Jakobstad


Originally the stamping ground of sailors and factory workers, Skata occupies several blocks north of the centre (beyond Skolparken). The oldest street is Hamngatan, lined with 18th-century houses. But the prettiest…
Gardens in Jakobstad

Aspegrens Trädgård Rosenlund

A little walled oasis 1km southeast of the kauppatori, Aspegren’s Gardens was created by priest Gabriel Aspegren in the 1700s. Butterflies flit around the formal flower beds and tiny, scented rose garden. The rector…
Museum in Jakobstad

Jakobstads Museum

Finland’s richest man, shipping magnate Otto Malm, was the last person to live in Malm House, occupying it until 1898. Nowadays the house is the main building of the Jakobstads Museum, with period furnishings and in…
Museum in Jakobstad


The rectory outbuildings at Aspegren’s Gardens hold the Hembygdsmuseum, crammed with sleighs, agricultural equipment and hunting traps.