Top Choice Concert Venue in Helsinki


As cool and crisp as a gin and tonic on a glacier, this striking modern building is a great addition to central Helsinki. The interior doesn’t disappoint either – the main auditorium, visible from the foyer, has stu…
Jazz in Helsinki


A block from Hakaniemi metro station in an enormous granite building, Juttutupa is one of Helsinki’s better music bars, focusing on contemporary jazz and rock fusion. Great beer terrace.
Cinema in Helsinki

Orion Theatre

This art-house cinema shows classics from the Finnish Film Archive.
Jazz in Helsinki


Helsinki’s number-one jazz club attracts a refined older crowd swinging to boogie woogie, trad jazz, Dixieland and New Orleans most nights. As well as the club section (from 8pm Wednesday to Saturday), there’s a sty…
Live Music in Helsinki


One of Helsinki’s legendary rock venues, this attracts both up-and-coming local acts and bigger international groups. There’s a band every night of the week. Also check out what’s on at Semifinal, the venue next doo…
Booking Service in Helsinki


This ticket-booking agency covers a variety of live events.
Live Music in Helsinki


Next to Tavastia, this smaller sibling has live music almost nightly, with a focus on up-and-coming Finnish bands.
Theatre in Helsinki


The Finnish National Theatre occupies a beautiful building by the train station. Performances (usually in Finnish) are always spectacular at this venue.
Opera in Helsinki


Opera, ballet and classical concerts are held here, though not during summer. Performances of the Finnish National Opera are surtitled in Finnish.
Booking Service in Helsinki


For concerts and performances, see Helsinki This Week, inquire at the tourist office, or check the website of ticket outlet Lippupiste. Tickets are available through Lippupiste or at the box office at Stockmann depa…