euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €120

  • Dorm bed: €25–35
  • City Bike shared-bike scheme per 30 minutes: free
  • Lunch buffet: €8–14
  • Smoke-sauna entry: €13–19

Midrange: €120–250

  • Standard hotel double room: €100–160
  • Two-course meal with wine: €50–80
  • Public transport day ticket: €9
  • Museum entry: €9–16
  • Live band: €15–35

Top end: More than €250

  • Suite in boutique hotel: from €185
  • Upmarket degustation menu for two with wine: from €160
  • Taxi ride across town: €25–40
  • Ballet/opera tickets: from €75


Bargaining is only acceptable at flea markets (even then, you might find it tough to get the price lowered). In all other cases you're expected to pay the stated price.


Credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs (bearing the name 'Otto') are prevalent. There are currency-exchange counters at all transport terminals; visit to locate others.


  • Service is considered to be included in bills, so there’s no need to tip at all unless you want to reward exceptional service.
  • Doormen in bars and restaurants expect a cloakroom tip (around €2) if there’s no mandatory coat charge.