Historic Building in Hanko

Neljän Tuulen Tupa

On Little Pine Island, 1.5km east of the town centre (now connected by a bridge), is the House of the Four Winds, where locals snuck swigs of ‘hard tea’ (alcohol) during the Finnish prohibition (1919–32). Disturbed …
Museum in Hanko

Front Museum

Original trenches, bunkers and artillery guns remain at the site of some of the worst Winter War fighting, 19km northeast of Hanko. Also here is a poignant indoor museum – the knowledgeable guide can answer any ques…
Tower in Hanko

Water Tower

Zip up the lift (elevator) to the top of the 50m-high water tower on Vartiovuori Hill for sweeping views across town and out to sea.
Church in Hanko

Hanko Church

Hanko's neo-Gothic church, built in 1892, was damaged in WWII but has been thoroughly renovated.
Harbour in Hanko


This narrow strait between Tullisaari and Kobben is a protected natural harbour where sailing ships from countries around the Baltic Sea once waited out storms. The sailors killed time by carving their initials or t…
Monument in Hanko

Monument of Liberty

Where Bulevardi meets the beach is the Monument of Liberty, commemorating the landing of liberating German forces in 1918. The monument was taken down after WWII, but re-erected in 1960 with new text simply stating …