Finland's West Coast entertainment

Theatre in Närpes

Närpes Teater

Going strong for 50-plus years, this unique summer theater is special for two reasons. First, performances take place on a revolving stage, which certainly adds an element of unexpectedness. Second – an effect that'…
Live Music in Vaasa

Doo-bop Club

Run as a nonprofit organisation, this lively club serves up jazz, funk and soul in suitably darkened surroundings. Occasional jam sessions mix things up.
Cinema in Rauma

Iso Hannu

This delightful independent cinema hosts its own mini film festival ( in August.
Arts Centre in Jakobstad

Campus Allegro, Schauman Hall

Facing the central market square, Campus Allegro is a collection of old and new buildings surrounding a historic city street and covered with a glass roof. The central foyer is home to a restaurant, cafe and art gal…
Theatre in Pori

Porin Teatteri

Pori is home to the country's oldest Finnish-speaking drama company, housed in a neo-Renaissance theatre on Hallituskatu.