Top things to do in Brändö

Top Choice Cafe in Brändö

Café Kvarnen

It's worth a special trip to tiny Jurmo to sample the organic steak at wonderful Café Kvarnen, near the pier. The steak is sourced from local long-haired highland cattle and seasoned with island herbs. Other delicac…
Church in Brändö

Sankt Jakobs Kyrka

Brändö's landmark church is a whitewashed beauty that dates to 1898.
Finnish in Brändö

Restaurang Galeasen

If you're on the island of Lappo, you'll likely to find your way to Restaurang Galeasen, a welcoming spot with a sunny terrace overlooking the guest harbour. Classic island fare like grilled whitefish and fried perc…
Museum in Brändö

Archipelago Museum

An impressive collection of historic wooden sea craft of all sizes and functions, including rowing boats, fishing boats and one of the last remaining examples of a storbåt (launch).