Ro-No Rent has bicycles available near Mariehamn harbour. Many campgrounds and guest harbours also have bike hire.

Green-and-white signs trace cycling routes through the islands. Routes generally follow smaller, less busy roads; dedicated bicycle paths run parallel to some main roads.


Three kinds of inter-island ferry serve the islands. For short trips, free vehicle ferries sail nonstop. There's also one private summer bicycle ferry running between Hammarland and Geta.

For longer routes – namely to the outer islands – ferries run to a schedule, which is available on the Ålandstrafiken website. These ferries are generally free for foot passengers, but you must buy tickets for bicycles or cars.

Feature: Via the Archipelago Ferries

Most visitors travel with the major ferry companies directly to Åland's mainland, but it's possible to use the scheduled inter-island ferries between Åland and mainland Finland via the northern and southern archipelagos. The northern route from Osnäs harbour, near Kustavi, 68km northwest of Turku, is via Brändö and Kumlinge. The southern route from Galtby harbour, Korpo, in the Turku Archipelago, is via the islands of Kökar and Föglö.

From mid-June to early August, the only viable way to travel is with an Archipelago Ticket, which requires you to break your journey overnight on the northern or southern routes en route to mainland Åland (you'll need to book the complete journey in one go). You could just turn up and take a chance on space being available for each leg, but Archipelago Ticket bookings have priority and you could well find yourself stranded on the islands when ferries fill to capacity and leave without you. Outside summer, pricier 'transit' fares that don't require an overnight stay are available.

Book tickets online or by phone with Ålandstrafiken.


Five main bus lines depart from Mariehamn’s regional bus station.

Bus 1 Hammarland and Eckerö

Bus 2 Godby and Geta

Bus 3 Godby and Saltvik

Bus 4 Godby, Sund and Vårdö (Hummelvik)

Bus 5 Lemland and Lumparland (Långnäs)

Tickets from Mariehamn to the ferry ports cost around €5. Bicycles can be carried (space permitting) for €8.