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Åland’s airport is 4km northwest of Mariehamn. Finnair ( operates a flight between Mariehamn and Helsinki.

There are no regular buses from the airport. In the terminal there's a free hotline to order a taxi.


Several car ferries run between Finland and Sweden, stopping at Fasta Åland (Mainland Åland) en route.

In Finland, ferries originate in Helsinki, Turku or Naantali. In Sweden, the ferries come from Stockholm, Kapellskär or Grisslehamn. In Åland, ferries call at Mariehamn, Eckerö or Långnäs, depending on the company and point of origin. Prices vary with season and web specials are common; cars and cabins cost extra.

The smaller archipelago ferries travel from mainland Finland to the outer islands. Namely, ferries travel from Kustavi to Åva on Brändö, from where you can connect to the northern route to Vårdö. Ferries also travel from Galtby, Korpo, to Kökar and then follow the southern route to Lumparland.