Nature Reserve in North & East of Savusavu

Waisali Rainforest Reserve

Nestled in the mountains north of Savusavu, this 120-ha reserve is home to thousands of birds, flowers, trees and plants, some of which are used in local traditional medicines. There's a pleasant 30-minute walk dens…
Temple in Around Labasa

Naag Mandir Temple

The sacred 3m-high Cobra Rock is housed inside the vibrant Naag Mandir Temple. It's draped with flower-and-tinsel garlands, and offerings are placed at its base; locals believe the rock can cure the sick and the inf…
Beach in Around Labasa

Korovatu Beach

From Naag Mandir Temple, head down through dense coconut trees and past the lounging cows to Korovatu Beach. It's the closest stretch of sand to Labasa and makes a decent side trip if you’re in the area for a few da…
Historic Site in Labasa

Wasavula Ceremonial Site

This site has a cryptic – and cannibalistic – history. At the entrance, there's a sacred monolith that villagers believe grew from the ground; behind is a cemetery and the area that was used during cannibalistic cer…
Hot Springs in Savusavu & Around

Hot Springs

Those vents of steam you see along the water’s edge are evidence of the volcanic activity that simmers below Savusavu's surface. The main springs are just down from the aptly named Hot Springs Hotel. They are litera…
Hindu Temple in Labasa

Hindu Temple

Hindu temple.
Wildlife Reserve in Vanua Levu

Tunuloa Silktail Reserve

Home to the rare silktail bird, found only on this peninsula and on Taveuni. The silktail has sadly made it onto the world’s endangered-species list, with logging being its major threat. The average bird is about 8c…
Village in Vanua Levu


Deep in the mountains north of Savusavu, reachable by 4WD, lie the ruins of Nukubolu, an ancient Fijian village whose stone foundations, terraces and thermal pools are in surprisingly good condition. The setting is …
Nature Reserve in Savusavu & Around

Namena Marine Reserve

Protected 70sqkm park housing corals so vibrant and marine life so plentiful that it’s become the poster child for Fiji’s underwater world. It's about a two-hour boat ride from Savusavu.
Gardens in Savusavu & Around

Flora Tropica Gardens

Take a guided tour through these gorgeous gardens, home to 300 types of palms and countless tropical flowers and fruit trees. Birds and butterflies love it here just as much as visitors, who are rewarded with stunni…