The majority of visitors fly into Matei airport at the island’s northernmost point, where most of the island’s hotels, restaurants and dive shops are based. Head southeast from Matei and you’ll eventually hit Bouma National Heritage Park, where the road stops at Lavena. Head southwest from Matei and you reach the towns of Somosomo, Naqara and Waiyevo, where there’s some budget accommodation, shops and services but not much of interest. If you arrive by boat it will be at one of the two wharves in the Waiyevo area. Further south there are a few resorts near the village of Vuna. The road then goes only as far as the blowhole on South Cape, making much of the southeast coast almost inaccessible. Some locals believe that the Federal Government's 'Look North' policy might finally deliver on road upgrades (and electricity) in the next couple of years; others aren't holding their breath.