Sigatoka restaurants

Seafood in Sigatoka

Vilisite’s Seafood Restaurant

First impressions can mislead: picture a tatty tropicana restaurant from the late '70s. You might want to give perennial favourite Vilisite's a miss. Don't. While there are Chinese and curry options on the menu, eve…
Indian in Sigatoka

Raj's Curry House

Ask a Sigatoka taxi driver where to eat and there's a good chance you'll be directed to this small canteen-style curry house. It's a long way from flashy, but the food is cheap and cheerful, with plates of tasty cur…
Fusion in Sigatoka

True Blue Restaurant

The draw at this local hangout is its elevated position and lovely views from the cavernous, dancehall-like restaurant and balcony along the mangrove-lined Sigatoka River. It's all pretty informal. The food leans he…