Top Choice International in Savusavu & Around

Surf and Turf

This is the poshest restaurant in town, though you wouldn't know it from its dilapidated entrance. It has a beautiful deck overlooking the water, great wine list and lobster on the menu, yet it's as laid back as Sav…
International in Savusavu & Around

Decked Out Café

This no-frills, friendly pad is one of the more popular yachty hangouts: there's always a few old (or young) salts yakking over a beer and nosh in its street-facing covered beer garden. It dishes up all the standard…
Indian in Savusavu & Around

Taste of Hidden Paradise Restaurant

This modest-looking joint is a strong contender for having the best curries in town. There's a good selection, and all dishes are very flavourful, but do be prepared to wait, as they cook everything – slowly – from …
Chinese in Savusavu & Around

Savusavu Wok

Like so many eateries in Savusavu, this place looks a bit woebegone from the outside. But don't be fooled by the flaky paint and misspelled signs: the Wok dishes up incredible, authentic Chinese food. It's a locals'…
Indian in Savusavu & Around

Mum’s Country Kitchen

One step up from a hole-in-the-wall, this place is popular with local Indo-Fijians for its curries. It's not a creative menu, but it's a solid one. Takeaway meals come in plastic bags (and dahl is poured into old ju…
International in Savusavu & Around

Captain’s Table

Dine overlooking the bay on a creative assortment of international and Indian fare, like chicken stuffed with spinach, steaks and seafood. It's not silver service, but it's more upmarket than most Savusavu offerings…
Indian in Savusavu & Around

Sea View Café

In front of the Hidden Paradise Guesthouse, this cute place serves surprisingly excellent curries and Fijian specialities just above the roadside where you can watch life go by. The jovial owners also offer cooking …
International in Savusavu & Around

Arpaan's Blue Sea Restaurant

This quaint restaurant at Waitui Marina dishes up fish and chips, chicken and Indian and Chinese staples; good, basic breakfasts are available until 11am. It's a popular place on Thursday nights during cruising seas…
Chinese in Savusavu & Around

Chong Pong

What this place lacks in ambience, it makes up for with good, filling food and astonishingly quick service.
Market in Savusavu & Around


The bustling Savusavu Market is a fun spot for shopping, snacking or just having a gawk.