Fiji is one of the the more progressive countries in the Pacific region when it comes to the legal status of homosexuality. Laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity were introduced following the implementation of the 2013 constitution.

Same-sex marriages and civil unions are not recognised in Fijian family law, which means visiting gay couples are unable to marry while on vacation.

There is a strong LGBT movement in Fiji, but the local scene remains fairly closeted. Nonetheless, a large number of openly gay men and women work in the hospitality industry, and some nightclubs in Lautoka, Nadi and Suva are gay-tolerant.

Fiji is socially conservative: any public displays of affection are frowned upon. For gay or lesbian couples the risks of receiving unwanted attention for outwardly homosexual behaviour is high.

Gay singles should exercise some caution; don’t give anyone an excuse to even think you are paying for sex, and be very careful not to give the impression you are after young Fijian men.


Useful local NGOs include:

  • Drodrolagi Movement (
  • Haus of Khameleon (
  • DIVA for Equality (