Top ChoiceModern American in Levuka

Whale’s Tale

This perennial Levuka favourite is a charming little place with big windows for watching the world go by and a bamboo thatched kitchen at the back. The fish and chips is a classic, but look out for local river...

Ruins in Levuka

Masonic Lodge Ruins

This stone shell was the South Pacific’s first Masonic lodge (1875). This was once Levuka’s only Romanesque building, but it was burnt to a husk in the 2000 coup by God-fearing villagers. Local Methodists had...

Pizza in Levuka

Horizon Restaurant

You can get curries, fish and chips, and other European meals here, but locals recommend it because of the pizza, which is, apparently, very hit and miss – ‘either one of the best pizzas you’ve ever tasted or a...

Historic Building in Levuka

Marist Convent School

The Marist Convent School (1882) was a girls school opened by Catholic missionaries and run by nuns, but is now a lively co-ed primary school. It was built largely out of coral stone in an attempt to protect it...

Monument in Levuka

Pigeon Post Site

The site of Levuka's original Pigeon Post, marked by a nondescript drinking fountain in the centre of the road. From the timber loft that stood here, pigeons provided the first postal link between Levuka and...

Church in Levuka

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church dates from 1858. The clock strikes each hour twice, with a minute in between. Locals say the first strike is an alarm to warn people who are operating on 'Fiji time'. The light on the spire...

Historic Building in Levuka

Former Morris Hedstrom

The 1868 former Morris Hedstrom (MH) trading store is the original MH store in Fiji. Behind its restored facade are the Levuka Community Centre, a library and a branch of the Fiji Museum, which holds a small...

Architectural in Levuka

Levuka Village

Tidy little Levuka village, once the home of Tui (Chief) Cakobau, is 200m further north. In the cemetery next to the village's Methodist Church, is the grave of American consul JB Williams who died in 1860. It...

Chinese in Levuka

Kim’s Paak Kum Loong

This is the best place to get Chinese food in Levuka, situated above the Westpac Bank. The menu has a bit of Thai and Fijian influence thrown in, while if you come in the morning it does a good line in cooked...

Church in Levuka

Navoka Methodist Church

In the cemetery next to the village’s Methodist Church is the grave of former American consul John Brown Williams. It was his claim for financial compensation that started Cakobau's financial troubles which...

Hill in Levuka

199 Steps of Mission Hill

There are many old colonial homes on Levuka's hillsides, and the romantically named 199 Steps of Mission Hill are worth climbing for the fantastic view – although if you count them, you might find there are...

Bar in Levuka

Ovalau Club

This white timber colonial-style building is a sight in its own right. Once Levuka's favourite drinking spot, it's currently closed due to a dispute over ownership, but we list it here in the hope that its door...

Historic Building in Levuka

Former Town Hall

The former town hall (1901) is built in typical British colonial style (although not to celebrate Queen Victoria’s silver jubilee as is commonly thought), and under renovation to restore it to community use.

Museum in Levuka

Levuka Museum

Fiji Museum offers a fascinating, if chaotically organised, glimpse of old Levuka, through its wonderfully atmospheric displays.

Historic Building in Levuka

Old Police Station

The little weatherboard building on the corner of Garner Jones Rd and Totoga Lane was Levuka’s original police station (1874)

Bar in Levuka

Vintage Bar

In the same building as the Horizon Restaurant, but tucked around the back, this is currently Levuka's main place to drink.