Five-star hotels, B&Bs, hostels, motels, resorts, treehouses, bungalows on the beach and village homestays – there’s no shortage of accommodation options in Fiji.

The peak visitor periods coincide with holidays in Australia and New Zealand (July/August, Christmas/New Year and Easter), and prices at this time are usually at their highest. Outside these times you’ll frequently find useful discounts and lower walk-in rates.


Resorts can cover almost any sort of accommodation in Fiji. As a rule of thumb a resort is any accommodation option that offers a complete package to guests, from room to food to activities. This can be anything from a top-end hotel on the Coral Coast, to a boutique offering on an island in the Yasawas, to a sef-contained guesthouse specialising in scuba diving in Kadavu.

Most resorts price by the room rather than person. Packages for multiple-night occupancies are common. If you're staying long-term in Fiji, many places also offer a local resident price. The best prices are almost always found online and in advance; walk-in rates are usually higher. Check what's on offer at the time of booking. Many resorts are run on a cash-free basis, so you settle up the meals, drinks and activities you've had during your stay when you pay your bill on check-out.

Hotels and Guesthouses

Hotels and private guesthouses are more common on Viti Levu, Taveuni and Ovalau, and are good bases for exploring Fiji's towns and rural areas away from the resorts.

Prices start from $50 to $100 per night and usually include breakfast.


Camping isn't popular in Fiji. If you're on village land, locals may commonly interpret a decision to sleep under canvas as a slight against their community as not being good enough to stay in.

Backpacker resorts

Hostels in Fiji are usually called backpacker resorts. They primarily have dorm accommodation but usually have a handful of private rooms as well. A host of activities and excursions are part of the offering, and there's usually a bar and pool as well (or failing that, access to the beach). They're a lively scene in which to meet other backpackers.

Prices are usually around $15-20 a night.


Organised village homestays are possible in some areas, and offer a great opportunity for visitors to learn about traditional Fijian life. Village etiquette is important during a homestay. Prices start from around $50 per night for homestays, but vary widely. Bringing a gift such as kava is often recommended.