Kadavu’s main claim to fame is the Great Astrolabe Reef, the world's fourth-largest barrier reef. Hugging the south and east coasts of the island for about 100km, it’s home to a vibrant assemblage of hard- and soft-coral formations and breathtaking walls. Unlike Taveuni, currents are probably easier to handle in this area, but be prepared for rough seas and reduced visibility when it’s raining or when the winds blow, especially from November to April.

Western side of the Great Astrolabe Recommended dive sites include Broken Stone, Split Rock and Vouwa. They more or less share the same characteristics, with scenic underwater seascapes of twisting canyons, tunnels, caverns and arches.

Naiqoro Passage Just off the east coast of Kadavu, this narrow channel is frequently swept by strong tidal currents and offers rewarding drift dives along steep walls.

Northwestern side of Kadavu This area is a bit overshadowed by the Great Astrolabe Reef, but novice divers will feel comfortable here. Mellow Reef, Yellow Wall and Pacific Voyager, a 63m-long tanker that was intentionally sunk in 30m of water in 1994, are the best dives.