Top things to do in Around Labasa

Temple in Around Labasa

Naag Mandir Temple

The sacred 3m-high Cobra Rock is housed inside the vibrant Naag Mandir Temple. It's draped with flower-and-tinsel garlands, and offerings are placed at its base; locals believe the rock can cure the sick and the inf…
Island in Around Labasa

Floating Island

This house-sized island floats on a pond during high winds or, if you believe local lore, when a priest chants at it. The real reason to come here is to say you have; if you're the type who loves a challenge, you'll…
Beach in Around Labasa

Korovatu Beach

From Naag Mandir Temple, head down through dense coconut trees and past the lounging cows to Korovatu Beach. It's the closest stretch of sand to Labasa and makes a decent side trip if you’re in the area for a few da…