• Fiji Times ( Fiji’s daily newspaper.
  • Fiji Village ( Daily news and links to local events.
  • Fiji Visitors Bureau ( Fiji’s official tourist site.
  • Lonely Planet ( Snapshots of the country and the Thorn Tree travel forum.
  • South Pacific Tourism Organisation ( Useful directory with info on South Pacific countries.

What to Take

  • Insect repellent.
  • Plenty to read: bookshops are only found in cities.
  • Reef shoes to protect yourself and the reefs that surround most of Fiji’s islands.
  • A torch and batteries; many regions don't have power overnight.
  • Your own snorkel and mask.
  • A waterproof camera (or phone case).
  • Sunscreen and a raincoat to combat tropical climate conditions.
  • Seasickness tablets if you don’t have sea legs.
  • A Zen-like patience to cope with ‘Fiji time’, which is more official than GMT.