Top things to do

Pacific in Pohnpei


This is Pohnpei's newest restaurant, and it's a bit more upmarket than most. The macadamia-nut chicken with papaya and pineapple is indicative of its fresh approach. The décor tries hard, too, with prints on th…
Japanese in Pohnpei

Joy Restaurant

This place is a lunch specialist and a perennial favourite at that, forever dishing up a menu of excellent Japanese food. Fresh fish is the speciality, though there are beef and chicken dishes, too.
Pacific in Pohnpei

South Park Restaurant

Another place that packs 'em in (such as can be done on Pohnpei), with a varied menu and a nice view of Sokehs Rock through glass-louvred windows. It showcases Pohnpeian dancing on Saturday nights.
Buffet in Pohnpei

Sei Restaurant

With its wood-panelled floors and ceiling, this barnlike space is certainly arresting. It's a popular meeting place and social space, not least for its all-you-can-eat, serve-your-own buffet, stuffed with seafood, f…
Architectural in Yap

Balabat Village

The walk to Balabat is lined with traditional men's houses and rai (stone money). You'll pass Madrich, once a Spanish trading station, and continue to the Rull municipal office, where the road is lined with rai. Eve…
Gallery in Yap

Ethnic Art Village

Yap's capital Colonia does a great job of celebrating and preserving indigenous art. Here, village elders have been invited to teach their craftsmanship and techniques to younger artists; research is conducted to de…
Island in Federated States of Micronesia

Yap Island

Yap Proper's main island, Yap Island features the tiny capital, Colonia, which wraps around Chamorro Bay, offering sea views most everywhere. Walk to the stone-money bank in the nearby village of Balabat, or visit t…
Island in Federated States of Micronesia

Lelu Ruins

Lelu Island, connected to the larger island of Kosrae by a causeway, is where a massive walled city was built between the 13th and 14th centuries for Kosraean royalty. Lelu's ruins, including burial mounds and dwell…
Island in Federated States of Micronesia

Nan Madol

For many travellers, Nan Madol is the highlight of their Micronesian odyssey. An important political, social and religious centre built during the Saudeleur dynasty, Nan Madol was a place for ritual activity and the…
Bar in Pohnpei

Jungle Bar

You can get booze here if you wish, but at night you might feel left out; that's when sakau rules. Mellow music, peaceful staff and a huge, open-air seating area ensure everyone's grooving on the pepper-root tip.