Pacific in Pohnpei


This is Pohnpei's newest restaurant, and it's a bit more upmarket than most. The macadamia-nut chicken with papaya and pineapple is indicative of its fresh approach. The décor tries hard, too, with prints on th…
Buffet in Pohnpei

Sei Restaurant

With its wood-panelled floors and ceiling, this barnlike space is certainly arresting. It's a popular meeting place and social space, not least for its all-you-can-eat, serve-your-own buffet, stuffed with seafood, f…
Japanese in Pohnpei

Joy Restaurant

This place is a lunch specialist and a perennial favourite at that, forever dishing up a menu of excellent Japanese food. Fresh fish is the speciality, though there are beef and chicken dishes, too.
Pacific in Pohnpei

South Park Restaurant

Another place that packs 'em in (such as can be done on Pohnpei), with a varied menu and a nice view of Sokehs Rock through glass-louvred windows. It showcases Pohnpeian dancing on Saturday nights.