Museum in Tórshavn

Føroya Fornminnissavn

The excellent Føroya Fornminnissavn is split between two sites in the Hoyvík suburb, 3km north of centre. The main site at Brekkutún 6 beautifully displays Faroese artefacts from the Viking Age to the…
Museum in Faroe Islands

Føroya Fornminissavn

The excellent Føroya Fornminnissavn (Historical Museum) is split between two sites in the Hoyvík suburb, 3km(1.86mi) north of central Tórshavn. The main site (Brekkutún 6) beautifully displays Fa…
Gallery in Tórshavn

Listasavn Føroya

Viðarlundin, a wonderfully wild park where trees and sculptures mingle, leads to the bright and airy Listasavn Føroya. Its excellent collection of Faroese modern and contemporary art includes moving, death…
Bay in Faroe Islands

Vestmanna Bird Cliffs

The magnificent boat tours to the wild Vestmanna bird cliffs of northwestern Streymoy are probably the highlight of a visit to the Faroe Islands. When the weather's fine, you sail from Vestmanna along the west coast…
Fortress in Tórshavn

Skansin Fort

Beyond the desert of asphalt that surrounds the modern transport terminal lie the turf-softened bastions of the ruined Skansin Fort. It's topped by a little lighthouse and four 18th-century cannons. Although rather …
Church in Tórshavn


The church Havnarkirkja has a distinctive clock tower that peeps above a photogenic row of colourful row of old wharf buildings (Undir Bryggjubakka).
Gardens in Tórshavn


The child-friendly Náttúrugripasavn has an informative geological section, a minuscule botanical garden and a gigantic whale's skull.
Gallery in Tórshavn

Focus Gallery

Intimate private galleries, including Focus, are great places to peruse and potentially purchase Faroese art.
Gallery in Tórshavn


Lydersen is a private gallery where you can admire (and potentially purchase) Faroese art.
Gallery in Tórshavn


Glarsmiðjan is a private gallery good for perusing and purchasing Faroese art.