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Out-of-this-world travel experiences start with Lonely Planet

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Discover other worlds with The Universe and Dark Skies

For the first time, Lonely Planet is looking beyond our world and into the depths of space. From the best stargazing destinations on Earth to travelling to the end of the known Universe, these companions will amaze, enthrall and inspire.

Witness the sweep of the Milky Way, comets burning up in our atmosphere and the shimmering aurora with Dark Skies, the world’s first guide to astrotourism. 

Then go further – much further – with The Universe, touching down on the planets of our solar system before exploring stellar objects, newborn stars and galaxy superclusters. Developed with NASA, it’s the world’s only guidebook to the sights and destinations of space.  

Below, you’ll find articles and videos all about the wonders of space. From ‘Celestial Wonders of South America’ and ‘The best US Dark Sky parks’ to Star Wars locations you can see in real life and where to watch rocket launches, you’ll be inspired to find out more about the cosmos and our place within it.