Top Choice Fiesta in Valencia

Las Fallas de San José

The exuberant, anarchic swirl of Las Fallas de San José – fireworks, music, festive bonfires and all-night partying – is a must if you’re visiting Spain in mid-March. The fallas themselves are huge sculptures of pap…
Top Choice Theatre in Elche

Misteri d'Elx

A lyric drama dating from the Middle Ages, this is performed annually in the Basílica de Santa María. The mystery’s two acts, La Vespra (the eve of the Virgin Mary's death) and La Festa (the celebration of her assum…
Top Choice Food & Drink in Kreuzberg & Neukölln

Street Food Thursday

Every Thursday evening since 2013, a couple of dozen aspiring chefs set up their food stalls in Markthalle Neun, a historic market hall in Kreuzberg, to serve up delicious global street food. Pick your favourites an…
Top Choice Music in Heimaey


Three-day Þjóðhátíð is the country’s biggest outdoor festival. Held at Herjólfsdalur festival ground over the last weekend in July or the first weekend in August, it involves music, dancing, fireworks, a big bonfire…
Top Choice Music in Southern Serbia

Guča Festival

Known simply as 'Guča', after the western Serbian village that has hosted it each August since 1961, this four-day annual gathering of brass musicians is hedonism at its most rambunctious: tens of thousands of beer-…
Top Choice Carnival in Sciacca


Sciacca's carnival is famous for its flamboyance and fabulous party atmosphere. Held between the last Thursday before Lent and Shrove Tuesday, it features an amazing parade of huge papier-mâché figures mounted on fl…
Top Choice Viking in Lerwick

Up Helly Aa

Shetland's long Viking history has rubbed off in more ways than just street names and square-shouldered locals. Most villages have a fire festival, a continuation of Viking midwinter celebrations of the rebirth of t…
Top Choice Christmas Market in Vienna


Vienna's much-loved Christmas market season runs from around mid-November to Christmas Eve. Magical Christkindlmärkte set up in streets and squares, with stalls selling wooden toys, holiday decorations and tradition…
Top Choice Celtic Festival in Carnac

Festival Interceltique de Lorient

Celtic communities from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Galicia in northwest Spain congregate with Bretons at the Festival Interceltique over 10 days in early August.
Top Choice Performing Arts in Ohrid

Ohrid Summer Festival

This is Ohrid's most celebrated festival and one of the biggest cultural events in Macedonia. It hits town in late July, and features classical and opera concerts, theatre and dance staged at venues all over the cit…