Religious in Réunion


Colourful Tamil processions and fire-walking ceremonies are held in Ste-Suzanne and St-André. Participants enter a meditative state and then walk over red-hot embers as a sign of devotion to various deities. Thousan…
New Year in Réunion

Chinese New Year

Held in various locations around the island. On New Year's Eve, homes are spring cleaned and decked in red, the colour of happiness, and firecrackers are let off to protect against evil spirits. It's particularly co…
Religious in Réunion

Tamil New Year

The large Indian communities in Réunion mark the Tamil New Year with great gusto, with dance displays often forming the centrepiece of the celebrations. The New Year can ensure that things grind to a halt in predomi…
Religious in Réunion

Pèlerinage à la Vierge au Parasol

On August 15, the site of the Vierge au Parasol, which is located by the coastal road about 10km south of Ste-Rose, attracts hundreds of pilgrims. The statue is said to provide protection from volcanic eruptions.
Cultural in Réunion

Semaine Créole

This week-long festival held in various locations (usually in the major towns, including St-Denis, St-Paul and St-Pierre, but not exclusively) features exhibitions, conferences, cultural events, theatre and music pe…
Sports in Réunion

Grand Raid

The Grand Raid is one of the world's most challenging cross-country races. Covering some 165km, it traverses the island from St-Pierre to St-Denis, taking in parts of the Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos Cirques.
Religious in Réunion


The Tamil festival of light Divali (Dipvali) occurs in late October or early November. It celebrates the victory of Rama over the evil deity Ravana and to mark this joyous event, countless candles and lamps are lit …
Sports in Réunion


The Megavalanche mountain race – the biggest downhill race in the Indian Ocean region – takes place in the Maïdo. It is a 2205m descent using a mass start and draws riders from across Réunion and the world.
Cultural in Réunion

Commémoration de l'Abolition de l'Esclavage

The grim colonial history of slavery is a particularly poignant memory for the region's Creole communities and Réunion marks the Commémoration de l'Abolition de l'Esclavage (Abolition of Slavery Day), with much Creo…